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Educational Pre-K (3.5 - 5 years old)

At Big Steps Early Learning Center, your child can prepare for kindergarten with our energetic Pre-K program. Your child will participate in a program that's designed to develop a wide range of skills that will be critical in future schooling and life.


Our teaching philosophy emphasizes positive reinforcement that allows for self-expression and growth. Your child will love participating in circle time, show and tell, and story time, all of which develop social and emotional skills.

"We have had nothing but 100% love and care since we have been enrolled at BSELC. Everything is always spot on and everyone listens.


Our son has food allergies, and the staff goes above and beyond to watch for these foods in his diet. I always have a good feel for what his day has been like and what he did.


Most importantly to me, I feel safe dropping him off every morning and don't have to worry through the day — peace of mind."

From Lindsay

Math, reading, writing, and scientific skills

Our curriculum includes the lessons that help your child prepare for kindergarten and beyond with age-appropriate math, reading, writing, and scientific exercises.

  • Math readiness — identifying numeral sets, tracing and printing numbers, sequencing, counting, identifying sizes, and comparison concepts

  • Reading readiness — identifying upper and lower case letters, identifying consonant and vowel sounds, rhyming, recognizing sight words, and word families

  • Writing skills — tracing lines, curves, and circles; tracing and printing lowercase and uppercase letters; using correct top-to-bottom and left-to-right format; tracing and printing first and last names; tracing and printing three- and four-letter words

  • Scientific method — making predictions and conducting experiments related to weather, the 4 seasons, the 5 senses, healthy food choices, plants, and animals

Earn discounts when you enroll multiple children.