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Our Mission

At Big Steps Early Learning Center, our mission is to provide an accelerated educational program and high-quality care with developmentally appropriate learning experiences for children ages 6 weeks through 8 years.


We believe that every child is unique and that success and growth come from learning in a safe and explorative environment. Our program is designed to help your child become an independent, self-confident, and inquisitive learner.


We encourage active involvement from parents and guardians, and we invite you to attend as many events as possible. Building strong relationships between children, parents, extended family, caregivers, and educators helps your children grow and learn in a comfortable, secure setting.

"BSELC is a loving and educational atmosphere for our son. The learning center has teachers interested in motivating our son in a learning environment.


They are more than babysitters. They provide great activities: from singing, art projects, flash cards, and they teach proper social behavior.


The playground is a fun and safe area for kids to play and enjoy being kids. BSELC offers kid-friendly and healthy meals as well.


Our son loves going to school to play and learn with his friends. We also like that every week has a new theme to teach kids."

From Joe

Our philosophy

When you bring your child to Big Steps Early Learning Center, you'll find individualized and small group activities designed to meet the needs of children in an ever-changing world. Our curriculum is based on Appelbaum Training Institute's Creative Curriculum, and it's crafted to develop your child's intellectual, social, and physical needs.


Our classrooms are child-oriented, and our teachers maintain a safe, inviting environment and guide your child's growth through discovery and creativity. Your children learn respect for themselves, others, and the world around them.


We recognize children as active learners, and we encourage hands-on discovery geared toward a child's age and abilities.


Big Steps Early Learning Center is locally owned and operated. We're part of the community, and we're invested in providing your children with positive, productive education for the future.

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